BRAV Socks | Why Brav?
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Be Brave, Be Bold, Be BRAV….


IMG_4352Why me, Why socks, Why now…..? So I’m Adam the founder and CEO of BRAV Endurance. I am extremely driven, graduating from Cardiff University and then working at a leading Global Steel Production Works in South Wales (UK). But at the age of 26 I am also an extremely dedicated Endurance Triathlete who loves pushing my body to the absolute limit, while wearing the best kit!!


I spend the majority of my free time, as many others who love being active, in my training or racing kit. So surely this should be one of the main platforms you can use to express your individuality and style! My kit is a big deal to me. I will trawl the internet for hours searching for the newest and most exciting pieces of kit, placing massive focus on style, ingenuity and materials used. I want to be super comfy yet look super cool at the same time. That’s not a lot to ask right??


I feel a lot of the time socks are an afterthought when choosing your training or racing outfit, but why? For most things your feet do the majority of the work so they should be made a statement and definitely looked after! I have spent unthinkable amounts in shipping costs for a pair of socks from as far as Australia to complete or compliment a training outfit and realised that there was potentially a massive opportunity to put my own stamp on this market within the UK.


With that BRAV Endurance was born. I have spent a long time researching exactly what works on your feet. Countless samples of pairs using different manufacturing techniques, materials and stitching patterns. I wanted to bring my own personality to the brand and feel the first pair is a perfect representation of that. Its bright, bold and fun with the design. While I have still ensured to maintain carefully selected panelling and construction to the make-up of the sock. It’s fun and carefree at a glance with a serious streak when looked at more closely.


I find myself surrounded by people with the similar mission to myself, to better themselves and feel now is the perfect time to invite people on the BRAV journey with me.. I am inspired by other people’s dedication and personal stories that got them to where they are now … I want BRAV to be more than just a brand but a community.


Where will they take you …..